The Physics Of The Internet

From a discussion started at Mark W. Schaefer’s blog.

My thoughts on what I now call The Physics of the Internet.

You have to get out of the “content competition stream” and into the “relationship building stream” as fast as possible.

In my opinion, you have to look at content as just that… content. Give away as much or all of it… make it valuable… and keep creating what I like to call “fingers of content” out on the Internet in as many targeted places as possible where your audience engages said content.

Also, re-purposing your content (in appropriate ways) into different formats so you can distribute it via the different format channels (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, DVD, on website etc… for video content) is very critical.

You cannot assume your audience wants to consume your content in the format you want to distribute it… so don’t offer ONLY a book, or ONLY a Kindle formatted digital guide… offer it both ways, in audio format, perhaps a video version, in PDF etc… etc… so your audience can CHOOSE which way they want to consume your content.

Keep the choices limited by some degree, so as to avoid the lack of decision when presented with too many choices. Constant testing will be needed here to determine which formats will be most popular based on your content and audience.

I was blabbering on there for a minute… LOL.

Bottom line, the best at giving the people formerly known as the audience what they want will win. (sorry, had to throw that Jay Rosen title in for good measure :) )

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