The Internet Is NOT Public Domain

After reading about this Cooks Source fiasco, the resulting “apology“, and seeing the editor’s response on their main website, perhaps the air needs to be cleared.

And folks, if it isn’t cleared ourselves (as the “public”), then this is the part where the government tends to get involved and starts to attempt regulating the Internet themselves.

Yes, this type of issue is that important.

Now, I’m not an attorney, so please seek legal advice (or any other professional advice) on your own…this post is just my opinion, nothing else.

The Internet is not public domain as a whole. This means (to me) that you cannot freely copy and paste (or copy and whatever) content from the Internet just because you feel like it.  You should get the content author’s permission (or license) to use said content IMO.  I imagine this would apply to text, audio, video, etc… whatever type of content.

Even if there weren’t ANY copyright laws already governing the usage of this content, doesn’t it seem like the right thing to do (to get the author’s permission or license first)?

I mean, come on people, are some of us getting that lazy?


Cooks Source was a free magazine based on what I read, that sold advertising.  This one article blew up into an Internet firestorm that seems to have put a big dent in Cooks Source business to say the least.