Kevin Spacey On Piracy

Kevin Spacey: Give Users Control, What They Want, When They Want It, At A Fair Price, And Stop Worrying About Piracy (via Techdirt)

It appears that Kevin Spacey gets what so many of us have been saying for over a decade: piracy isn’t so much a problem as it is a statement of demand from users. And the way to “beat” piracy is to do a better job of offering fans what they want, in…

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Piracy: “Move Along, There’s Nothing To See Here.”

Ahhh piracy.

Say the word in a crowded room, or online, and you could start an explosive conversation about the subject.

Especially with book authors.

Here’s my take on piracy, and a Tweet I delivered which sums it all up:

Ignore it.  That’s right, ignore piracy… the pirates are just going to keep doing it, because the Internet provides access to BILLIONS of people, so shutting a few of them down will NOT stop the problem anyhow.

Besides, if you’re getting pissed off at the principle, or you’re trying to police all of the places where your digital products are being distributed in an unauthorized fashion… any time spent doing that results in a subtraction of time you could better use to write a personal note to a supporter of your work.

It’s your supporters you should be focusing on, not people who weren’t going to be your customer in the first place.  Most people are honest, and even the few that might pirate your work at first, then buy a copy or buy something else you offer… well, they just became a supporter didn’t they?

Yes, piracy is a bad thing, yes you can get all pissed off about it… you can go on the crusade to stop all pirates… or you can focus on growing your business.

Choose the more important one. 😉


P.S.  Yes, it is possible, though very unlikely, that someone MIGHT try to take a book you’ve written, and turn it into a movie to make $$$ without your permission.  Is that right?  Nope.

Should you devote any focus to it or let the movie become a marketing device for you?  Odds are, that movie won’t become a hit anyhow.

Write your next book, get more real supporters, build the kind of relationship with your reader base that helps to overcome the need to go after pirates.


There are times in life where you just have to do something…no matter how small…to maintain your freedom in this country.

This is one of those times…

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is facing a massive resistance to approval…and with good reason…

The bill, if passed, will open loopholes that could permanently damage your ability to conduct free speech on the web.  There is a very informative website article linking to other sources on this at WebProNews here.

You need to read that article, and tell your Congress person to oppose the implementation of this legislation.  Please don’t wait.

Here’s one of many forms to get you started taking action.