Why Are You Afraid To Start NOW?

I’m starting to hear a very common type of “statement” from a LOT of people I know…

A variation of this…

“Yeah, in 2013 I’m going to start ____________ … and yeah, 2013 is going to be a BIG year for me.”

To which I can’t help but thinking (and of course telling people)…

Why are you afraid to start NOW? Why haven’t you already started?

Because let’s be honest with ourselves here…

Whatever you are “going” to start in 2013, you’ve been thinking about it for longer than just now… right?

Come on… right?

You have, you know it… so why not start right now… right after reading this post?

Nah, you won’t… will you?

Nah, you’re going to be like most people and just “put it off”… whatever “it” is… one more day… one more week… one more month… because of whatever excuse you’re telling yourself, right now.


Will you do what most people won’t do? Do you have the inner fortitude to commit to something that, whether it works or not, whether it fails or succeeds… do you have the fortitude to commit to something RIGHT NOW?

Do you?

I hope so… I really do. Because I was in the spot you are right now, a few years ago… and I made the same decision (guess which one? ).

Yes, it CAN happen for you… that’s why I have invested in you reading this post…

… so don’t let me down. GET ON IT… TODAY! No more excuses, no more waiting until __________ happens first, just do it… now.

I want YOU to be the next one writing a post like this.

(here’s to a great today… and to a great rest of your life everyone)

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