Patent Trolls

We live in a capitalist society.

This allows anyone who wants to create a business the opportunity to do so.

But one “business model” isn’t really a business model at all in my opinion.  What am I writing about?

The patent troll.

These are “companies” (loosely used term) that do nothing but file patents, and then look for companies who encroach on those patents… and file a lawsuit against them.  Because these “companies” are shell companies in most cases, the encroaching company would have a difficult time filing a counter suit against the patent troll.

I debate the fact that these patent trolls are actually businesses at all.

Why?  They don’t add any value whatsoever to the business equation.  Business is conducted between two parties… and patent trolls simply seek out other companies and “force” them to do business by participating in lawsuits or settling out of court.

In my opinion, patent trolls should be eliminated… as they are hampering innovation in this country.