Imagine This…

Imagine this… a world without Apple or Microsoft, without WalMart or Target.

Because of the tragic loss of Steve Jobs, the “interesting” management style of Steve Ballmer, the “made for the masses” of WalMart… and the “homogenization” of Target… and other reasons, this will be the case for all of these types of companies… in the next 20 years or less.

Other companies similar to the ones above with follow the same path.

But don’t worry, we will still get innovative devices, and technology will still be a good thing, it will just change for the better, not be “made for the masses.”

“Made for the masses, marketed to the masses” is ending fast.  We want quality, we want a story, we want to support the local guy, gal, and everyone in between.  We want to quit contributing to the landfill, we want cleaner air, clean water, and good food.

The good news is… this is already happening, but it gets better…

Imagine this… a world where the firm grip the drug companies (and the health insurance companies) have on the market is GONE.  Imagine that science, nano-technology, and other bio-tech has finally caught up and disease is all but eliminated, and cheaply.

Imagine a world with ZERO unemployment, because all you have to have is an Internet connection, a laptop (or augmented computer device), and the latest 3-D printer to create and sell your art.  You don’t create “mass for the masses,” no, you create something unique and valuable for society… and your voice can finally be truly heard.

Imagine a new economy, created not with “fiat” currency, but with the next evolution of Bitcoin… because the masses have finally had enough, and decided to re-create the economy THEY wanted, instead of the one being spoon-fed to them by people who have no business managing money.

Imagine energy as cheap as it can be (and that’s REALLY cheap), and imagine that our dependence on oil has left the building.  This is made possible because we’ve not only had the solution to the problem right under our noses all along, the “Big Oil” companies were just able to hide it under a big blanket of PR and misinformation for years.

We will take our energy back… because it’s ours.

All of this will happen within the next 20 years, but one thing has to happen to make this possible…

You, the reader of this post, have to own the fact that the current state of things isn’t living up to its potential, not even close.

You, the reader of this post, have to want more than “mass-produced, made for the masses” average stuff.  And you have to own the fact that cheap stuff isn’t a good deal for anyone, ever, but a deal that is actually more expensive in the long run for a number of reasons I cannot go into detail here.

You’ve been spoon fed a big marketing lie, and it’s time you took your world back. 

This marketing lie tells you that you should:

  • waste your life in front of the TV, on the Internet, and on our mobile phones
  • watch, read, and consume their ads
  • buy their average stuff
  • buy it again and again because it’s made to break
  • eat their processed foods
  • get fat and slow
  • get drugs because you got fat and slow
  • then have to go through some chemo-therapy, and die.

They don’t care about you, no matter what their PR campaign says, they only care that their bottom line gets bigger and bigger (it’s their legal obligation).  But they’re scared, because it isn’t getting bigger as fast as it used to.

Bottom lines and profit in a capitalist society are good, don’t get me wrong, but NEVER at the expense of your fellow human being.  Find a way to make money that doesn’t harm the planet, or endanger our lives.

If you start owning all of this, now, if we all start now, everything good that I’ve outlined in this post will happen.

The seeds have already been planted for all of this to happen, it’s up to you to “tend the garden” and make sure it does.  Imagine all of this happening quicker?