Book Review: The New Rules Of Marketing And PR by David Meerman Scott

Right up front, I received a review copy of this book from David Meerman Scott.  I’ve purchased and read the first and second editions.

This is a review of the 3rd edition.

At around 400 pages in the 3rd edition, this book is now officially joining the ranks of “tome”…but that’s okay because David writes in a style that’s easy to read and understand.

In short, he takes concepts that are fairly complex and makes them very understandable.

In all editions, he uses case studies really well to back up his points.

In this edition, which carries forward much of the content from the first 2 editions, he adds real-time marketing and mobile marketing along with updated case studies to bring home the message.

But what’s really cool about The New Rules of Marketing and PR is it’s progression.  David organizes the information in the book really well, outlining the general concept of reaching buyers directly with new media (with a focus on press because of David’s background) then progressing towards each of the media types (press, video, real-time etc…).  This makes the book a good reference.

The only challenge for David in my opinion will be “how thick” to make this book for upcoming editions…as the topic of digital media marketing changes way too often to come out with updated content frequently enough to call this a “cutting edge” resource.

That being said, I would recommend this book to anyone who is even remotely interested in business for the online world, or marketing in the digital media arena.  In fact, I would go so far as to call it the bible of Social Media.

Perhaps David will put out a specific updates resource on a mobile platform and online so we can keep up with the latest case studies etc… that pertain to a book like this?

He does have a well-known blog at

I suggest you read it and subscribe.  The book is available on Amazon here.

New Rules of Marketing and PR
(picture credit to David’s home website — and is of the first edition)



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    1. LOL — Thanks David. It was honestly the first book interesting enough to READ all three editions :)

      Some Business books have seemed to trend that way (more marketing — less informative) since the Internet became popular IMO.

      I appreciate you stopping by my blog David.

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