The Barrier To Entry For Meaningful Connection Is Pretty Low

One extra step.

3% better than the “other guy.”

Personalization, good manners, being humble, hell… just being “on-time.”

All of these things sound really easy to accomplish, don’t they?

Well, here’s the sad part… do any ONE of them really well, and you’ve probably set yourself apart from most of the crowd when it comes to networking, building client relationships, meaningful connection and leading other people.

Do ALL of them well, and a few other “easy” things, and you can make a SERIOUS impact.

It’s really pretty sad, but it’s the truth.  One example from LinkedIn happens when you send a connection request…

How many do you send without personalizing it?

How many times do you send one without doing just the basic amount of research, even just the person’s NAME, and add that information to your connection request?

Not that many huh?  We all do it… because we’re lazy.

Well, I will tell you… while it sounds like a simple thing to do, when you do something as simple as personalizing a request like this… you’re moving your request to the top of the pile.

And heck, you might even try and move the relationship further by ONE more step by engaging the person you’re trying to connect with.

Wait… that would require work wouldn’t it? 😉

Quit making it so easy for the other person and put some effort out there, OK?