Are You Preparing For Success, Or Just Preparing?

“Joe, I’ve gotta do this, this, and this first before I can do what you recommended to make obscene profits.”

Love the excuses…but this one is a business killer.

Please allow me to explain…

Sometimes, it seems as though people want to stay stuck in “preparing” mode because it’s more comfortable and less uncertain.

Instead, if you find yourself “preparing everything” to succeed sometime…try this…

Just do the thing you think you’re preparing for.

More often than not, all the preparation you think you had to do isn’t necessary…because as humans we try to eliminate all possibilities for failure (preconceived or otherwise).

Now I’m not saying a certain measure of preparation isn’t necessary at all, for example, certain legal preparations are a good idea (discuss those with an attorney, I’m not one, and that’s NOT legal advice).

What I am saying is if it seems you’re “stuck” preparing, and keep coming up with “this and that” which you feel you “have to do before” you move forward…you should examine whether or not you’re really needing more preparation…or just to kick yourself in the ass and get outside of your comfort zone.

Most of the time, you’ll probably find you’re just trying to stay comfortable…and staying comfortable isn’t how fortunes and freedom are created.

Get outside your comfort zone right now…and stay out!

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Isnt it time you cut the bullshit and started to succeed?
Isn't it time you cut the bullshit and started to succeed?