Are You Leaving Your Yellow Pages Advertising Results To Chance?

Well are you?

When a potential customer looks through the Yellow Pages, they are looking for someone to help them with something pretty specific (i.e. plumbing, auto repair, attorney, etc…). This is about the most targeted prospect you are going to get in your marketing efforts…yet I can tell you that you are missing out on about three to four times the potential that your Yellow Pages ad will deliver!

So do me a favor right now…

Pull out your copy of the Yellow Pages and look up Auto Repair. What do you see? That is right, almost all of the ads are the same! Why is this I wonder? What would differentiate your business from the other businesses in your particular section of the Yellow Pages?The reason that almost all ads are the same within a particular section of the Yellow Pages is that they are designed by the Yellow Pages company that produces the book or sells the advertising! There is no opportunity for market differentiation with the “cookie cutter” approach that most Yellow Pages advertising companies (the ones that sell the space) use in their approach when they position and place the ad…and speaking of positioning…could you be in a better spot so your ad stands out?

What about trust and credibility? Does your Yellow Pages advertising separate itself from the competition in these KEY areas?

Can you really say that your ad “separates” itself from the crowd? If the answer is no…then you need to rethink your marketing through the Yellow Pages, and quit wondering why you fork out $300 or more a month and get no results!

That is all from this month’s tip…keep tuning in…because we are just getting warmed up here!

Joe Ratliff