Are You Doing The Right Thing…Right Now…In Your Internet Business?

Here’s a scenario…

You have 5 phone calls to make, but one will move a money-making project forward after you take a little more time to finish that project after the phone call.  Or do you focus on “getting the remaining 4 done.”

Are you using your time to manage tasks?  Or to achieve goals?


One phone call moves the money-maker forward, and the rest of your day devoted to finishing that project = Goal Accomplished.

The next day you repeat, focusing on accomplishing goals instead of just completing tasks…but you might miss some comfy admin time.


All 5 phone calls completed, all tasks completed, so more admin stuff completed and day over.

Then the next day is started finishing the money-maker from the day before (maybe), then more tasks to complete.

See the mindset shift here?

2 days = 2 days of $$$ if you’re focused on accomplishing goals instead of completing tasks…

…or 2 days = possibly 1 day of $$$ if you like completing tasks for the sake of completing tasks (or because they may seem important to you)…

Which would you rather have?  2 days of money?  Or 2 days with all tasks completed, and possibly one day of money?

Think about that today.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - What are you doing right now?
Joseph Ratliff - What are you doing right now?