Are “Layers” Preventing You From Delivering Your Marketing Via Email?

It certainly is easy to set up an email account these days, isn’t it?

You can create multiple email accounts for various types of email…

1) For Junk Email

2) For Newsletter subscriptions

3) For Regular Family Emails

And many more…so when you are marketing via email, what is your assurance that you are getting the email address that gets checked regularly?

The copy in your subscription box is your assurance.

Do you have compelling copy surrounding your subscription box that drives your reader to want to give you their main email address? Or is yours something like this:

Make sure you enter your primary email address in the box below.

Yawn. I just gave you my junk email address.

How about something like this instead:

“I want to ensure that you receive and read each and every issue of this e-course valued at $XXX.XX, so please make sure to put your primary email address in the box below. Yeah, it’s that important.”

You can also approach this differently using compelling copy leading up to the email address box.

Make sure that your copy “sells” your free, high value information. That’s right, you have to sell your reader, even when it is free. Then, after you have done a good enough job selling your free information, the reader will be happy to submit their information. You can then build on that initial relationship by adding an “unadvertised bonus” to the first autoresponder message you send to your new subscriber.

Something even more valuable than the whole e-course or newsletter itself.

To market via email, value is the key, period.

You are cultivating a relationship with your readers, so make sure you over deliver on the value you are giving them.

Give them the “insider secrets.”

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And I am adding more all the time. 🙂

Joseph Ratliff
Marketing Coach

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