Anybody For Self-Accountability?

You see it all the time in the news…

“The government should do this for us…”

“Those other guys should have…”

“Why don’t they just do it this way?…”

And on, and on.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Come on people, why is it that I don’t see people first looking at what they can do for a situation first, or to fix a problem, instead of those same people first blaming other entities, people, etc… for their own shortcomings and mistakes?

Sad, really sad.  If you’re one of these people…try this as a solution:

When something goes “wrong” in your life, first look in the mirror.  Establish what you can do to fix the situation instead of first blaming others, other entities, etc… for what is usually your problem or mistake in the first place.  Seriously, other people will have more respect for you if you do this.