An Open Letter To BP

Dear BP Executives,

The recent oil spill catastrophe should have proven to you that taking shortcuts isn’t profitable. At least I hope so.

However, there lies one big problem with your “solution” to what seems to be your serious errors in judgment.

This 20 Billion dollar fund you have set aside, the commercials on TV keep hammering on us that you HAVE set it aside…

I want to know when you’ve paid EVERY dollar to the people affected by this mess. I don’t want to keep hearing that you have set that amount aside…which really means nothing when you think about it (money set aside for people, isn’t yet PAID to the people).

And that means ALL 20 billion dollars, every single dollar…PAID to the people that deserve it. Do not take one more minute than necessary to do so (this isn’t an insurance claim, it should be coming directly from your profits, so if you have to pay WAY more than 20 billion, even in a few “false” claims, let’s be honest, you deserve it right?).

So, get to work on your TV commercial, and start paying those claims left and right so the people who have suffered as a result of your actions can at least have SOME peace in their lives.

And, just so you know, I live in Washington State, and have no family connections or any ties to this matter.

Hopefully the next TV commercials I see will show proof that you’ve paid the 20 billion out to deserving families. Then, you can take more profits and start the clean up for the next 10 years (there’s more to it than just cleaning a few beaches by the way).

You’ve made your bed, now it’s time to sleep in it.

Joseph Ratliff