Ahhh yes, one of my hot buttons with my mastermind clients and private clients is how they handle adversity.

Don’t discount how critically important this concept is to your success as an affiliate manager, affiliate, or just as a person.

Adversity manifests itself in many forms, the most common of which is when someone tells you:

“You can’t do that…” or “Don’t do it that way”, or a variation of either one of these.

Personally, when anyone tells me any variation of the above…I just laugh.

After a good, hearty laugh…I say the 2 magic words that start the mental process that can also differentiate you from those that are unsuccessful…

“Watch me.”

There are numerous examples of successful people who’ve “gone against the grain” and done things that were once seemingly impossible (Bannister in the 4 minute mile, John Reese having the million-dollar day in IM, etc…etc…).

The “how they did that” stuff is available all over the place, this post is about the mindset you set in motion by confidently stating “watch me.”

Your brain clicks inside when you don’t acknowledge the limitations that those people who don’t understand fully what you’re setting out to accomplish are placing on you.

Wise advice has been passed down that states “you can’t choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you react to it”, and that applies here as well.

You can accept the “status quo” mentality, or you can do what 90% of people won’t do and prove that mentality wrong.

The choice is yours.

Bottom line here is…you will encounter adversity as you continue your journey in building your affiliate businesses, that I can guarantee you (if you don’t, you aren’t really playing the game, you’re dabbling).

Some examples:

“You can’t write Google ads that way…”

“You need to write your articles less than 800 words…”

“You can’t do affiliate marketing online and offline…”
(real example from someone who once told me that wouldn’t work)

“Social media marketing doesn’t work…”

There are more examples that you would encounter, or perhaps have already, if you have a story to share…I would like to hear it in reply.

Have a great 2010 my friends.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

How does Adversity affect you?

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