A 2,000 page Marketing Lesson…

I am just sitting here tonight, getting ready to “close up shop.”

BLAM! I had an idea for another post…

A marketing lesson that few mention, tell anybody about, or probably even use for that matter.

Guess what?

There is a 2,000 page marketing lesson right in your house. It sits there every day, just waiting for someone to unlock the information within. What I am speaking of?

The Yellow Pages in the phone book!

I know, I know… huh?

Do this for me tonight…it won’t take but 10 minutes of your time.

1) Pull out the phone book.

2) Open it, and skim the yellow pages…notice I said skim.

I don’t want you to read every ad…

But pay careful attention to the ones that get your attention. Ask yourself:

Why did that Yellow Pages ad get my attention?

Well…why did it? That is the marketing lesson for tonight…why do certain ads grab your attention?

What style are they written in? What about them gets you to read and possibly take action? What separates them from the crowd of other businesses that are waiting for their responses?

Stay tuned tomorrow…and I will tell you. šŸ™‚

Remember, I was closing up shop.

For now…just skim those ads, and feel free to leave comments as to what your finding.

Joseph Ratliff
Professional Marketing Consultant