5 Blogs That I Read That You Should Too…

It’s simple, to help keep a pulse on the online marketing industry, I read and participate in blog conversations.

There’s a long list of blogs that I make time to read, but here’s 5 to get you started (each is linked to a post to get you started with)…

1)  John Carlton’s The Marketing Rebel Rant.

An absolute must-read for anyone in marketing, period.  John is a hall-of-fame copywriter, edgy writer, and all-around good guy.

2)  Ryan Healy’s Business Growth Strategies.

Ryan is a good friend of mine, and fellow copywriter.  His blog covers a wide array of topics, but pay close attention to when Ryan decides to get controversial…because those are his best posts IMHO.

3)  Terry Dean’s Internet Business Coaching Blog

Terry and I have never met.  But, his story is priceless.  He was a pizza delivery driver turned internet marketer.  He also retired once already, but returned to online marketing.  His blog contains the “no fluff, no filler” types of posts that are what I call “textbook internet marketing”.

4)  Michel Fortin’s “On Copywriting, Marketing, and Life” Blog

Michel Fortin really doesn’t need an introduction (and neither does his wife Sylvie). I consider both to be friends, but more importantly if you read and absorb the content on Michel’s site (and on http://internetmarketingsins.com) you’ll be ahead of 90% of all marketers online AND offline…period.

5)  Jeremy Shoemaker’s “Shoemoney” blog

The moniker “Skills To Pay The Bills”…need I say anything else?  When you read Jeremy’s posts, you’ll always be tempted to debate with him…he’s just that good of a blogger.  If there was a “Blogger Hall of Fame” he’d be one of the first inductees for sure.

Well, there you have it…5 blogs that I can read and recommend to you.

Oh yeah, there’s this one too. 🙂

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

How many blogs do you read and participate in?
How many blogs do you read and participate in?