3 Traits You MUST Possess To Be Successful With Your Affiliate Business…

I get emails all the time from hopeful affiliates asking me things like:

“If I do ______ , how much money will I make?” (it’s not a job, it’s a business)

“Can you give me any pointers on this SEO stuff?” (in one email?)

“Have you ever used __________ to __________ , and how can I generate 1,432,544 visitors to my site by doing the exact same thing?” (are you even ready for that much traffic in the first place?)

All valid questions, as there is no such thing as a stupid question…but 95 times out of 100, the person asking these questions isn’t even ready for the answer, or to take action on the answer (very important).

Here are only 3 of the traits you must possess or develop first, before even worrying about “figuring the whole business out” beforehand…

(not to say you can’t “learn as you go”, but that is a little bit more challenging)

Trait #1 – A willingness to take real, calculated risks.

Oh I can hear my email program lighting up now.

Yes, affiliate marketing is a business model. Notice the key word there? Business.

So, since it’s a business model, there is risk. You could make money, and you could fall flat on your financial face and never make money.

The ebooks being sold won’t tell you that in their sales pages, because if they did, it would take your focus off of the “dream” being sold to you (more on that in a minute).

So you can look to minimize risk, but you can’t let that process of “minimizing” paralyze you from taking action and building a site, running a PPC campaign etc…

You have to seek a balance, and understand that even the most successful “super affiliates” fail at least half the time (sorry, hate the term “super affiliate”, we’re all people who wear our underwear under our pants right?).

But if you only see the success people are having, it blinds you to the reality that those same people are failing too. The difference is, they keep moving forward, knowing there’s risk involved.

Big subject, I know, but I wanted to open your mind a little.

Trait #2 – Understand that yes, this is selling.

Affiliate marketing is selling for commission online (and offline), period. Yes, review sites are selling, PPC is selling, even SEO is selling (someone has to read your optimized text before they take action right?).

If you aren’t comfortable with selling, this business isn’t for you.

With that in mind, the stereotypical image that comes to mind when you read the word “selling” is that guy named Jim Gleamingteeth who has a sparkle in his smile selling you a used car, right?

Wrong. Selling isn’t that at all. In fact, when you sell properly, you are simply matching solutions up with buyers. It can actually be the most low key activity you do.

It does require that you understand persuasion, but not in the nasty way at all…you just have to be able to put your offer in front of the right people, then lead those people to the next step in your affiliate process.

One more thing, notice I wrote the word people a lot in this section. Selling involves you and people, not hiding behind your computer screen.

Trait #3 – You can’t have the end results before you begin.

Oh man, this is a biggie.

If you had a passion for playing baseball, and wanted to make the Majors, how on earth could you expect to do that without getting drafted, going through A, AA, and AAA first…and if you’re good enough to be “called up”, join a Major League club?

Same applies to affiliate marketing (or any business for that matter).

I don’t give a hoot what any course or ebook tells you, you will not become a “high-earner” and have the lifestyle of the successful until you’ve paid your dues…period, end of story. There aren’t any magic buttons, there are no shortcuts, folks this is business…and businesses are built, not awarded.

Now, if you’ve built successful businesses before, have the resources and skills to “jump right into success”, then you could be an exception to this. But if you are one of these rare individuals…you’ve already paid your “dues.”

If you aren’t one of the rare individuals, and you think that any “super affiliate” has success because they got there overnight, think again. It just doesn’t work that way folks.

Now I know that some of you will read this post, and think to yourself, “Blah, blah, blah, I’ve heard that before.” Some of you will think “That’s sound advice”, then return to your hunt for the next “magic overnight recipe” (which is usually gaming the system, and is short term income). Don’t call me when the money runs out.


I hope this post actually helps and inspires more people than that. I hope you’ll actually understand this, and build a long-term, stable business.

That’s what I really want from you, to move forward after reading this…and offer the most value you can (while getting paid for it of course).