3 Steps To Avoid Digital Piracy Of Your Products You May Not Have Thought Of…

“Them damn scammers keep stealing my products, and sharing them on BitTorrent sites!”

“Those dang serial refunders just by my stuff, then get a refund, but get to keep the download!”

“Damn hackers keep getting my digital downloads no matter how hard I try to keep them safe!”

Whine, moan, groan, complain… 🙂

Here’s a rather alternative 3-step process you can implement rather easily to protect your products 100% against thieves, scammers, and refunders.

I have to warn you though, you might be uncomfortable with this alternative thinking 😉 …

1)  Turn your digital product into a physical product. No more download equals no more theft online.  Works with software too (putting the software on CD).

2)  Price your new physical product accordingly to cover “creation costs” like binders for manuals, cd’s, paper, printing, etc… and offer free shipping if your profit margin will cover it (or you can make it cover it, duh).

3)  Outsource the production / shipping to a reputable shipping house. One example is using Kunaki to ship CD’s and DVD’s as you sell them (it’s pretty cheap).

Done.  Quit whining. 🙂

People can’t steal online what isn’t online to begin with.