3 Insider Secrets And One Method For Getting More Copywriting Clients Than You Can Handle…

If you’re a copywriter or even a consultant, sometimes this business can seem pretty challenging.

There are periods of time where it feels like you’re in the wrong business…right?

We’ve all been there.

Perhaps you already have all the clients you can handle, and are living the elusive  “copywriter’s lifestyle” promised in that one sales letter for that one copywriting course (you know, “Retire This Year And Make More Than…”).  If so, congratulations…it feels great doesn’t it? 🙂

If not, I’ve got 3 key secrets to “getting” clients that have worked very well for me, and one actual method you’ll be able to use to generate leads for your copywriting or consulting business.

1) Quit trying to “sell” them on your services.

Don’t get me wrong, copywriting as a business is certainly a sales and marketing profession. But there are so many people that need your services, and so few solid copywriters out there, that you don’t have to “sell” your services at all. Nor should you.

If you find yourself in front of the correct prospect, but it feels like you’re “pushing” your services onto that prospect…you’re doing the type of “selling” I’m talking about, and you need to re-adjust your approach.

Instead, keep the focus on them, and their business. Ask questions, and focus on listening really carefully to their answers. The less talking and more listening you’re doing, the higher chance you have of securing a new client.

Silence is sometimes the best “seller”, as it encourages your prospect to “fill that silence” with more information. You can use this info to demonstrate the fit your services have for increasing profits in their business.

2) You have to place high value on what you’re doing with prospective clients.

You have to believe deep down that your services are the most valuable way for a client to increase profits. I know that sounds simplistic, but the surprising fact is, most copywriters seem to have a “low self-esteem” when it comes to promoting their services. Prospective clients can read right through this, no matter how hard you try to hide it, or “fake confidence”.

The client needs you, period. If your gut is telling you they don’t get that, move on to the next prospective client as soon as you can.

Having a deep, burning conviction for what you offer to your clients “transfers” itself through your interactions with them, it’s contagious, and makes securing clients a TON easier. But you don’t want to spend time trying to help those that won’t help themselves…

3) Don’t invest a lot of time educating prospective clients who don’t seem to “get it”.

If you’re speaking to a business owner who doesn’t understand the value of the words you produce for them…invest a little time (very little) to provide examples of what is possible if you work with them. If they still don’t get it…move on. There are PLENTY of potential clients who NEED you right now.

A wise mentor of mine once taught me that you don’t have time to work with those business people who have to think about going to the hospital when their business is having a heart attack.

Now on to the “gravy”…

Here’s an actual method to get more copywriting clients than you can handle…

For this method, you can actually stay online, but you’ll also have to use the phone to talk to people (who by the way, for the most part are already using copywriters, so they need and can already relate to what you’re offering).

Go to Response Magazine’s “Buyer’s Guide” website at
http://directory.responsemag.com/_RTVMAIN.HTM (link opens in a new window, but if it doesn’t work at the time you visit this post, just look for the “online buyer’s guide”), then click on “Find Companies by Name” or “Find Companies by Product Category”.


You have a list of potential clients (with complete contact info) that actually buy products and services in the direct response industry. They understand marketing, most hire freelance copywriters (or know someone who does). Who knows, some might be looking for a copywriter right when you contact them.

Call through the list (there are email addresses too, but phone is best), asking for the creative director or marketing communications director (or just the person in charge of hiring freelance copywriters).

Then ask, see if they have a current or future need for your help. A few might talk about getting your samples right on the spot or hire you…some will take your information and use it another time.

Obviously, in one blog post we can’t cover every possible detail about this…so if you feel you need that “spark” contact me for a quick session…mention “I read the blog post” when you contact me and I’ll work a very special rate just for you for a two-hour session.

Click here to get my contact info and schedule or inquire about a session. Don’t worry, I don’t bite (unless I need to so you can get results). 🙂