5 More Things To Do Instead Of Media

I’ve already given 5 of these in this post, and here are 5 more: 1.  Take a walk in a natural setting (forest, the beach, at least a park), somewhere.  This includes reconnecting with nature.  Do this daily, for 20 – 60 minutes.  Every day.  If you live in the city, no excuses, do it. […]

An Open Letter To The Year 4014

Scenario:  This is a open letter I wrote where, if you can let your imagination run a little bit, I buried it in an indestructible container of some type.  It would be found during an archaeological dig by someone (or a member of a completely different species) in the year 4014.  I’m going to make […]

Write As If You Were Face To Face

So many things I read from people on the Web seem to be written as though another person isn’t there, face to face in conversation with the person writing it. Comments, Tweets, Facebook postings, even pictures and memes … among other things. But here’s the deal, IF a person were there, face to face with […]

Breaking News (For This Blog): Comments Allowed

After quite a few months without allowing comments, due to a list of reasons I don’t wish to go into … I’m going to allow comments from this point forward.  (Older posts will not allow comments). I began with this post. Keep it civil, and on topic please.

5 Things To Do Instead Of Media

Media includes:  TV, Twitter, all social media, news media, texting, cell phones etc… You get the picture. Let’s get to it: 1.  Read, and actually finish a book this year (or more).  Start with something deep and intellectually stimulating (like this for example). 2.  Think.  Just sit and think for an hour or two.  Do […]