Beware Of “The Deal” (On Walled Gardens)

Ahh yes, the walled gardens of Facebook, Google, Twitter and others. Don’t they offer some cool free services? Like the ability to connect with friends from the past, family and other people. Don’t forget the free email accounts, chat services, video hosting, apps etc… And of course, the ability to become a developer yourself in […]

The #Streitfeldian Curse Strikes Again

David Streitfeld, writing for the New York Times, damages their brand with another poorly researched hit piece on Amazon. So #Streitfeldian. He failed to research the context behind a comment he used in the piece, among other glaring errors that have been pointed out clearly by other writers (about other pieces he has written). I won’t repeat […]

Taking The “Child” Out Of Our Children

I think we will have seriously evolved as humans when society quits taking the “child” out of our children. — Joseph Ratliff (@JosephRatliff) September 21, 2014 So, as we start to close the book on another year, I want to offer you a thought that might change the way we think about our society and […]