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I Will Make Your Life Easier,

Because I Provide You Leverage


Dear Friend,

Let’s cut straight to the point…

I believe in, and since 2001 have built my freelance commercial writing practice around a concept called maximum leverage.

What that means for you as a person who runs an entire business themselves, runs a department in a Fortune 500 company, or anything in between … is if you choose to work with me, I become a “multiplier” for you.

This can mean many things depending on what projects you would consider using my services for.

It can mean multiplying profits, increasing employee retention, or even just the simple fact you won’t have to babysit me and you’ll get results.

Whatever the need, I’m here to multiply your efforts.  In addition, I won’t play guessing games with your business, and you can be assured you’ll be working with someone who “gets it.”

“Joseph Ratliff GETS IT. He gets it when it comes to market copy. He gets it when it comes to creative business marketing ideas. He gets it when it comes to the power of the business mastermind, and how other entrepreneurs can LEARN FROM each other.”

— JP Maroney, Chairman & CEO, MAROCOM, LLC

With each of these concepts in mind, here are the specific services I offer your business:

Freelance Commercial Writing

Bottom line… I write clear, simple, and concise copy that gets results for your business (see Testimonials or download my writing resume for reference).

Freelance commercial writing projects include:

  • Sales letters (both online and direct mail).
  • Landing page copy (including opt-in squeeze pages).
  • Email copy (email newsletters, autoresponder messages, corporate communications, and promotional).
  • Whitepapers, case studies, sales brochures and booklets (non-technical).
  • Ghostwriting non-fiction articles, essays, and even full-length books.
  • Internal corporate communications (printed newsletters, notebooks, training materials etc…).
  • Direct mail pieces, post card mailers and other printed marketing collateral.
  • Proper set up of social media profiles (like a LinkedIn profile, for example).
  • And more… (inquire for other types of copy needed)

Samples available (1 – 2) upon request.

Business Strategy Consulting

In short, I get paid to help business owners and executives successfully take profitable risks they otherwise wouldn’t take, and avoid the unnecessary ones.

Again, I provide you with maximum leverage.

From marketing process analysis and improvement, to sales training and more… in the end it’s all about results. 

I have found through countless projects with my clients that many business owners and executives want to focus on “What’s next?” in marketing, but they rarely have the “What’s now?” correct to leverage the newest strategies.

So the “newest” strategy fails not because it doesn’t work, but because the business wasn’t ready to use it.

I’ll work with you and your teams to get your business on a rock-solid and profit-producing foundation FIRST… then we can get to the fun stuff.

Here’s how it works at a basic level…

I work with you to analyze (and then improve) 3 key areas of your business:

  • Your current marketing processes.
  • Your sales, customer service, and support staff.
  • Your current customer database.

To find out more and see if your business qualifies, contact me to schedule an initial business opportunity analysis today.

Published Author

I have published an online book about living in the present titled The Slow Manifesto.

You can visit the book’s website at for more information.

My writing has been featured in many places, most recently in The Daily Reckoning, a financial e-publication founded by Bill Bonner of Agora, Inc., as well as other places on the web.

Along with this comes speaking about various topics related to my books, consulting, and articles (contact me about speaking opportunities).

Now for my “mode of business operations”…

“Business is About People” Defined…

If you work with me, you’ll see that I mention this phrase frequently online and offline.

Don’t get me wrong, bottom-line profits are a good thing.

Businesses wouldn’t survive without them.

The problem with most businesses is they seek more and more profits, at the expense of their number one asset… the people that support the business itself.

These people include customers, employees, and the vendors that supply products and services to the business.

This is the age of transparency and digital media, where all it takes is an Internet connection for someone to publish feedback (good or bad) on any business.

So it’s important for you to focus on developing your most important business asset… and it’s NOT just your bottom line profits.

It’s people.

Profits are simply a measuring stick for how well you are taking care of the various people who support your business (clients, employees, vendors etc…).

Contact me today if you’d like to explore this idea further, or if you would like to inquire about the possibility of working together.

Here’s to your business success,