Joseph Ratliff

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My name is Joseph Ratliff.

I’m a writer and thinker on many life, marketing, and technology-related topics. I especially have a passion for thinking and writing about how technology impacts our society.

Once in awhile I pick up my Lamy fountain pen and draw what I see, or what I’m thinking about.

My passion for writing began in my late high school years… then developed even further in late 2001 when I was approached by my former boss.  He told me I had a knack for written communication, and that I should further develop that talent.

So I did.

Little did I know it would turn into a direct response copywriting career (see “What I Do” for more info) that would span into the present day, as a direct response copywriter for marketing companies, publishers, chiropractors, and other clients from a variety of different industries.

Over the years that have passed since 2001 I’ve added other types of writing to the business services I provide.

This same career currently supports myself, my wife of 20+ years, and my two boys.

I’m also glad (and fortunate) I’ve quit “working for the man,” and can enjoy the time freedom writing and thinking about technology can provide me.

If you want to know more about the business writing and consulting services I provide… click here.

My writing can be found on my blog here on this site primarily, and also in the social media (all links open in new windows):

Twitter – I use Twitter to share short bits, connect with people, and find related news.

Medium – I write a “blog” of sorts using Medium as a platform.  You can follow and comment on those articles at Challenging The Status Quo.

Tumblr - I use this to share things, links, videos, and opinions… on A Writer’s Notepad.

I hope you enjoy and can get value out of the content I’ve written… but it doesn’t matter, I’m going to keep writing it and sharing stuff anyhow.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Your Partner In Massive Online Profits
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I’ve spent the last 10+ years working mainly as a direct response copywriter for business owners, direct marketing publishers, and marketers who have an interest in generating more profits.

My Skills

  • Direct Response Copywriting 9/10
  • Business Strategy Consulting 8/10
  • Sales and Marketing Training 8/10
  • Business Trend Forecasting 6/10

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